Kyle Ranieri
  • Yale University
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Kyle Ranieri

Scholar Class – 2014

Kyle Ranieri was born in Gallup, New Mexico but spent the majority of his childhood growing up in Lansing, Michigan. He very quickly observed large cultural differences between the two places and was often exposed to poverty and other social problems in both of them. With a devoted mindset to counter these ubiquitous problems, Kyle has always maintained a high degree of community involvement. In 2012, Kyle gained his first experience in community organizing when he became an Organizing Fellow and Director of LGBTQ Outreach with Organizing for America, part of the campaign to re-elect President Obama. In this position, he found his place within the LGBTQ community as a social advocate and has since continued this role. Kyle helped found his high school's Gay-Straight Alliance and fostered it to become a leading LGBTQ activism group within the local community through pride parades, educational campaigns, and fundraisers. As president of the GSA, Kyle successfully proposed and changed the school board policy to be LGBTQ-inclusive. He was asked to speak before the local township's Board of Trustees regarding their LGBTQ non-discrimination ordinance which then successfully passed. 

Kyle attends Yale College and studies Global Affairs with plans to enter the field of international human rights law. His on campus advocacy work includes being an organizer for Pride@Yale, writing on LGBTQ issues for a political journal, serving on the board of an HIV/AIDS advocacy and community service organization and mentoring incoming LGBTQ students.  Kyle also interns at organizations devoted to LGBTQ rights including Lambda Legal. Aside from activism, Kyle also dances ballet, plays violin in a chamber orchestra, and works at his school’s Native American Cultural Center. 



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