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Frequently Asked Questions


Whom do I contact regarding Point Scholarship application questions and/or concerns?

All questions and concerns can be addressed to Jonathan Rosales, Selections & Scholar Support Manager.

What are the Important Dates & Submission Deadlines?

          • November 1: Part I of Point’s Scholarship Application opens
          • November 1: Part II of Point’s Scholarship Application opens to eligible applicants. Email notifications will be sent to qualified applicants who are then given access to Part II of the application and have until February 2 to submit Part II
          • January 20: Part I of Point’s Scholarship Application closes at 11:59 pm Pacific
          • January 21: Final email notification to qualified applicants will be sent notifying them that Part II will be available for submission.  Qualified scholarship applicants will have  access to Part II, and then have just under two weeks to submit Part II of Point's scholarship application
          • February 2: Part II of Point’s Scholarship Application closes at 11:59 pm Pacific
          • February 19: Final semifinalist notifications completed by end of day. Please abstain from inquiring about your status until Feb. 20.
          • March 2: All supplemental materials must have arrived at Point Foundation’s Los Angeles office by this date
          • March 16 to 27: Phone interviews for selected semifinalists
          • Week of March 23: Finalist notifications 
          • April 30-May 2: Mandatory finalist in-person interviews in Los Angeles
          • June: New scholar notifications completed

Do scholarship application deadlines change?

No. Point's application deadline for Part I is 11:59 pm Pacific on January 20, 2015. In order to move forward and thoroughly read the large number of applications that are submitted in a timely manner, late submissions are not accepted and extensions are not granted. There are no exceptions. If scholarship applicants are invited to submit Part II, it must be received no later than 11:59 pm on February 2, 2015.

How competitive is the Point Scholarship?

Although the exact numbers vary from year to year, the Point Scholarship application process is highly competitive. In 2014, Point received nearly 2,100 applications. In the end, 23 individuals were selected to join Point’s Class of 2014.

How will I know if Point received my scholarship application?

Point's online application system automatically sends each applicant a confirmation email when their online scholarship application is received. Scholarship applicants who are selected as semifinalists will be notified by February 19, 2015 at the latest. Please be sure to check your spam folder just in case. Scholarship applicants who are not selected to move forward will not receive any further email notifications from Point. If February 20 has passed and you have not received any notification from Point, it is safe to assume that you were not selected as a semifinalist.

Is it advantageous to submit my scholarship application early?

Early scholarship applications are always appreciated by Point's committee of scholarship application readers. Early submission also increases the likelihood of early notification of whether an applicant has advanced to the semifinalist round, allowing for more time to gather the required semifinalist supplementary materials. However, each and every scholarship application that is submitted by the deadline of 11:59 pm Pacific on January 20, 2015 will be evaluated equally by Point.

If I do not have regular access to the Internet, may I send in a paper scholarship application?

No, scholarship applications may only be submitted online. Scholarship applicants are strongly encouraged to obtain an email address to facilitate quick and efficient communication. Free email addresses are available on the internet at websites such as Yahoo and Gmail.

May I fax my scholarship application?

No, online submission is the only manner in which scholarship applications are accepted.

If I am applying for a Point Scholarship to earn my graduate degree, do I still need to submit either my SAT or ACT scores?

No. However, graduate applicants will have the option of including either SAT or ACT scores in the testing section of their scholarship application.

Are standardized test scores required for scholarship applicants?

If the institution you are attending or hoping to attend requires standardized tests, applicants must submit those scores on your application. Point's online application accommodates both the old and new SAT score formats. Applicants who are applying for support for graduate and post- graduate studies must submit test scores required by each respective institution that they hope to attend (e.g. GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, and MAT). Copies of test scores printed from the official testing organization may be submitted.

If an applicant currently attends or hopes to attend an institution which does not require any standardized tests, Point's online application has a designated space to indicate you will not be submitting test scores.

If you are applying to a variety of institutions in which some require and some do not require testing, applicants should indicate that on their applications and submit for verification by Point ALL test scores that are required by each institution for admission.

If standardized test scores are required for admission to an educational institution for which you are hoping to receive Point support, official verification of your scores must be submitted if you become a semifinalist. Semifinalists need only submit verification of test scores for the university or college for which they are hoping to receive Point financial support, specifically if that school requires them for admission. For instance, if you are selected as a Point Semifinalist and the law school to which you are applying to requires LSAT testing for acceptance, you must send to Point your LSAT scores but not prior test scores related to your undergraduate admission. Semifinalists will be required to either mail, or email the online score report provided on, or submit the appropriate testing organization verification with the other required supplemental material. Point highly encourages you to email the online score report.

May I send in my supplemental materials before I submit my scholarship application?

No, only semifinalists may send supplemental materials to Point Foundation after their application has been successfully submitted and after they have been selected by Point's Selections Committee as semifinalists. All other materials sent prematurely by applicants will be discarded.

Will I need to submit any supplemental financial information?

Applicants are not required to submit supplemental financial information unless they are selected as a semifinalist (please refer to the Mailing-Required Supplemental Material section).


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