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Financial & Scholarship Aid

Below are websites for organizations that assist with the costs associated with being a student. This includes tuition help, scholarships -- general and LGBTQ specific -- living stipends, textbook costs, child care benefits, work grants, entrepreneurship support and more. 


Campus Pride/Point Foundation Sponsored National LGBT Scholarship Database — Free online dynamic database provides LGBT and ally students with the largest, most comprehensive source of LGBT scholarship and funding resources in the nation. Individuals can find how to apply and search scholarships available at certain campuses, state by state, regionally or nationally. New scholarships may be listed by a campus or any funding organization by simply logging into the database. There are no charges to view scholarships or to list scholarships.

CFPB: Paying For College — It’s more important than ever for students and former students to make smart decisions about financing their college education. Whether you’re attending college soon, are a current student, or already have student loans, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau put together some tools and resources to help you make the best decisions for you.

Chegg — Based on their comprehensive student profile, they can match students to over $1 billion in scholarships and merit aid awards. Chegg allows students to learn about, get recruited by, and interact with more than 850 colleges and universities from all over the world.

The College Affordabilty Guide
provides clear, correct info and advice on the many options students have to reduce the cost of their degree, and to offer a fresh analysis of which colleges are doing the most to make high-quality education affordable. — Extensive Directory of All Financial Aid Opportunities - Allows you to browse scholarships, provides resources, browse grants and student loans.

Educators for Fair Consideration, 2014 Graduate Scholarship List and Guide — E4FC just released a list of graduate scholarships and fellowships that do not require proof of U.S. citizenship or legal permanent residency. This brand-new list and guide contains 55 pages of up-to-date information about scholarships and fellowships available for immigrant graduate students. - Important tips on how to avoid or how to deal with student loan debt, and information on what happens if you default on your loans.

FinAid — Financial Aid for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Students - Comprehensive source of student financial aid information, advice and tools -- on or off the web.

Fastweb — Online Scholarship Clearing House - Provides massive scholarship database with matching technology. 

Get College Ready℠ is an interactive website educates and engages students, parents, families, and high school counselors on how to plan and prepare for college.  Whether you’re just beginning to prepare for college or well on your way, WellsFargo experts will help you get all the college financial know-how you’ll need. #GetCollegeReady

Kaarme Scholarship Search — Provides information about: Colleges, Scholarships, College Sports, and Careers. All the information you need to get into college and make the right choice.

Tuition Funding Sources - Plenty of scholarships along with career and financial aid information. 

IBRinfo - Learn about two federal student loan payment and forgiveness programs.



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