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Organizational Shared Goals

The executive management, with the interaction and approval of the board of directors of Point Foundation, has developed a set of six overall organizational goals that clearly define their strategy and direction in direct support of their overall vision and mission. The strategic planning process includes a front-end situation analysis and the review and development of specific strategies that fit within projected resource and budget availability and/or constraints.

Point Foundation has adopted the Shared Goal Management Process© that ensures that all organizational-level goals are supported by specific Departmental and Individual Objectives which are developed, documented, tracked and measured by the guidelines of the Process. Each Departmental and/or Individual Objective includes a built-in and clearly stated method for feedback, progress measurement, performance and effectiveness.

Uniquely, this Process requires each objective to be explicitly linked to the one or more of the organization's Shared Goals in order to ensure progress across the entire spectrum of the organization's overall objectives thereby meeting the established strategic direction. Specific measurement and/or success criteria are required for each objective and are quantified where possible. In addition, to ensure performance, each objective is an integral part of the Point Foundation's individual performance and appraisal process. As such, objectives are specifically linked to the roles and responsibilities of each position.

The Shared Goal Management Process© defines an organization's objectives as those ends that must be achieved in order to carry out its mission. Objectives are by their nature more specific than the Mission Statement and are considered as the translation of the Mission into specific, concrete terms against which actual results can be measured.

Point's 2013 Standard Annual Report submitted to the Movement Advancement Project (PDF) is publicly available. 

Point Foundation 2014/15 Shared Goals

We, the Point Foundation administration, development, finance, program and communications staff, agree to work together to realize Point’s mission through the achievement of the following overall organizationally shared goals in support of the ongoing success and growth of Point Foundation:

  • Build a Diverse Portfolio of Students
  • Serve as a Strategic Funding Source
  • Review and Enhance Program Support
  • Build a Dynamic Alumni Program
  • Ensure Diversity at all Levels of the Organization
  • Increase Organizational Visibility and Impact

Point offers mentorship, leadership development and community service training to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) students.

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