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Parent and Guardian Information



 Maritza Zen, mother of Point Scholar Diego Arango.

 "Point has already made a big difference in Diego’s life. Columbia University is tremendously expensive, and Point made it affordable for Diego to attend. He has gained so much from his experience as a first year scholar. The summer leadership conference in Chicago gave him a means to meet other bright, motivated LGBT youth and adults, and interact with other accomplished LGBT leaders. Currently, his mentor in New York has supported both his academic and community outreach efforts, and a made it possible for him to begin exploring future interests..

For other parents considering what Point might mean in their children’s lives I want to communicate that it has made a BIG difference, and that our family is appreciative for all that Point has given Diego. We haven’t encountered other organizations that have invested as much in his personal well-being and academic and professional goals. Point helps Diego build bridges to both his future and current possibilities.”

“La fundación Point ya ah logrado hacer una gran diferencia en la vida de Diego. La universidad de Columbia es extremadamente costosa, y Point la ah hecho económica para que Diego pueda acudir. El ah aprendido bastante de su experiencia en tan solo su primer año. La conferencia de liderazgo del verano en Chicago le ha proveído los métodos para conocer otros talentosos y motivados jóvenes y adultos Gays, Lesbianas, Bisexuales y Transgeneros (LGBT) e interactuar con otros lideres LGBT realizados. Por el momento, su mentor y guía en Nueva York lo has apoyado en sus esfuerzos académicos y de prestar ayuda a la comunidad, al igual que hacer posible que Diego comience a explorar sus futuros intereses..

Para otros padres considerando lo que Point pudiera significar en la vida de sus hijos, les quiero comunicar que a hecho una GRAN diferencia, y que nuestra familia esta muy agradecida por todo lo que Point le ah dado a Diego. No nos habíamos topado con otras organizaciones que inviertan tanto en su bienestar y metas académicas y profesionales. Point ah ayudado a Diego a construir un puente entre su futuro y sus posibilidades presentes.”

Dear Parents and Gaurdians of Point Finalists,

Thank you for the support and dedication you have provided for your student’s educational future – we are excited to have them attend Selections in San Francisco this year as a Point Finalist. The objective of this weekend is to select the recipients of our Point scholarship awards. Your student will also be participating with our staff, directors and regents in a San Francisco event for local supporters that follows with a Finalist dinner. Interviews will be conducted on Saturday during which they will have an opportunity to interact with other finalists, current scholars, alumni and our regents. Again, we thank you for allowing them to participate and we are looking forward to meeting these talented and accomplished students.


Schedule of Events:


  • Arrive in San Francisco
  • Attend Point Foundation’s Fundraising Event
  • Dinner at Hotel with Point staff and Board Directors


Friday & Saturday

  • Interviews with Point Board Directors & staff
  • Interviews with staff to discuss mentoring and PR
  • Departure from San Francisco

If you have any questions about Point, please feel free to contact me at 866.33.Point.


Vince Garcia
Program Director


Point's Scholarship Award Provides:

  • Point’s scholarship award is more than a source of financial support. Point’s program offers Point Scholars the encouragement to foster academic excellence; and one on one mentoring for academic, professional, and personal development.
  • Point provides programs that affect social change by challenging attitudes that contribute to social stigma and its resulting prejudice, which is often experienced by those in the LGBTQ community.
  • Point's academic/program year begins in July with a Leadership Conference, where past and recently awarded scholars receive intensive training in leadership development, accountability, community service guidance, and advocacy and philanthropy to the LGBTQ community. Most importantly, Point instills a clear understanding of how these attributes all relate to the community’s history and development.
  • Point matches each scholar with a mentor who is a successful professional in fields such as the arts, science, education, business, law, medicine and other humanities.
  • Each Point Mentor oversees the design and completion of an annual community service leadership project that is required of each scholar. Throughout the year, Point Mentors and Scholars work collaboratively to set goals and objectives that build leadership skills through service.

Point offers mentorship, leadership development and community service training to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) students.

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