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Mounia Abousaid

Scholar Class – 2011

Mounia Abousaid was born in Montréal, Canada, but was raised in Rabat, Morocco where she lived until 2009 when she moved to New Mexico to attend United World College-USA, an international boarding school.

Having grown up in Morocco, a very conservative and homophobic country, Mounia is very conscious of the impact silence and the closet can have on queer youth. As soon as she moved to the United States, where she was finally able to be totally out, she began to get involved with organizations that supported LGBTQ youth in schools. She became co-leader of her high school GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance), a member of the statewide GSA network and a founder of a weekly discussion forum for local queer youth. She has also made an effort to include LGBTQ topics in all her social justice work, which has included such diverse subjects as women's rights, prisoners' rights and immigration.

Mounia intends to continue her involvement with the LGBTQ communities in New York City. She is majoring in philosophy, with a focus on legal philosophy and queer theory. She hopes to eventually go into academia.

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