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  • Neuroscience

Eli Capello

Scholar Class – 2011

Eli Capello was raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After coming out at age sixteen, the relationship with his family deteriorated, ultimately resulting in him leaving his home to attend a boarding school, where he was financially supported by his grandmother. In his sophomore year he founded his high school’s first Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA). In his junior year he advocated to add gender identity and/or expression to his school’s non discrimination policy and was successful his senior year. He hosted several educational discussions about the Transgender and Gender Queer community at several universities in Louisiana. With his high school’s GSA, he held several events at his school such as National Day of Silence and National Coming out Day.

He is currently working on a big brother and sister program for high school and college students in Louisiana, called L.A.U.G.H (Louisiana High Schools and Universities Giving Hope). He is attending Centenary College of Louisiana, where he founded Soul Force II which will advocate for gender identity and/or expression to be added to the non discrimination policies of universities throughout the southeast.

Eli’s interests have always been with medicine and he plans on pursuing a degree in Neuroscience with a focus in Pre-Med. He has volunteered and interned at several hospitals and research facilities such as the Baton Rouge Neuro-Medical Center. He plans on attending medical school and eventually hopes to become a plastic surgeon. He’ll additionally continue to devote himself to LGBTQ activism and hopes to integrate his interest in medicine to make the medical field more friendly and accepting to LGBT patients. He specifically wants to integrate his future research in neuroscience with the questions revolving transgender patients and eventually wants to help physicians understand and become accepting towards transgender patients.

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