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Taylor Clarke

Scholar Class – 2011

Taylor Clarke was born and grew up in Lowell, Massachusetts, where she attended small Catholic schools for the first nine years of her education. Her community was small, working- middle class and almost entirely Catholic. She graduated cum laude in 2010 from Phillips Academy. There, she had more opportunity and support in order to explore her identity and as a sophomore, she came out in 2008. She headed the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), was active in the Women’s Forum and coordinated the social justice community service project, JusticeNOW. During her senior year, she worked as a Student Fellow for the Brace Center for Gender Studies, producing a paper entitled Queersighted: Portrayals of Gays and Lesbians in Television and Film and presenting it in an open forum. She became a public face of the queer community at Andover, and worked to make herself available as a support system to those who needed encouragement and help.

At Columbia, Taylor is pursuing her BA in Political Science and Women and Gender Studies, with a concentration in English. She is actively involved with the women’s rugby team and Everyone Allied Against Homophobia (EAAH). She plans to volunteer with queer organizations in New York that focus on youth and the media. After graduation, she hopes to earn her Ph.D. in sociology and continue to serve the LGBTQ community through scholarship, advocacy, and public policy work. 


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