In December, we asked friends of Point to send messages of support to our scholars. Here are some of heartwarming and inspirational sentiments we received.


“I would like to wish you a happy holiday and a wonderful prosperous new year! Never let anything take away your light in this world. We all have a special gift, share your special gift and always know that when things seem dark and difficult that there are good people who care.” – Jennifer

“You are the future of our community and our country. Congratulations on all the work you have put in and an early congratulations on all the amazing things you will do! Happy holidays!” – John


“Wishing you peace this holiday season! Please know how much you are loved and how much you matter. Your courage is an inspiration to so many. Your authenticity gives those around you strength to be themselves as well.” – Stacy

“Happy holidays! As the mom of a trans son, I want to reach out and say how incredibly happy I am that you have had the courage to become who you really are. You are amazing. May you have a happy and healthy new year!” – Elaine

“Living your truth is not always easy. It takes love and compassion for yourself and others. This Holiday Season I wish you an abundance of love and compassion!” – Pamela

“May this holiday season remind you that so many people are rooting for you. Education is a tool to help you reach all the dreams you have. Of course, it can be challenging at times, but your hard work will be worth every ounce to your success!” – JD

“Best wishes for a joyous holiday season! YOU are the future, and an inspiration to us all! YOU will change America for the better!” – Mimi

“Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a great New Year. You are not alone and so many people are wishing only good things for you in the New Year. Sending some virtual hugs!” – Dan

“I know the holiday season can be rough. But just past this holiday is a new year full of amazing opportunities and new experiences and the possibility of positive change. I hope this holiday season isn’t too tough on you and that you’re able to keep your head up and keep going. 2019 will be amazing with you in it.” – Frank

“Keep up the great work! We are so proud of you! Best wishes for the new year.” – Claire