Which community college are you currently attending?

Santa Monica College

Photo Credit: smc.edu

Which program are you pursuing and what about the subject intrigues you most?

I’m looking to transfer into a computational neuroscience major. I’m really intrigued about the human brain – how we learn, how we think, and how we perceive things like music through a 3 pound mass of neurons. I love learning about the human brain as it brings innovation to the artificial intelligence space. We have to learn more about human intelligence in order to make strides in artificial intelligence.

What are your education and career aspirations?

I aspire to one day transfer into an amazing university as an undergraduate student and I hope to continue my studies as a graduate student in public policy. I would like to run a tech consulting firm while also working in politics to advise on tech-related policy issues.

What is a fun fact about you that few people know?

One fun fact that few people know is that I used to play the guitar and piano by ear as a kid.

What is your favorite book/movie/song and why?

My favorite song is “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga because it was the anthem to my coming out journey. It really helped me become the activist I am today. It’s not just a song but a movement.

What is your current favorite streaming binge and why?

My current streaming binge is “How to Get Away with Murder” because Viola Davis brings such a great performance to the show!

In your spare time, what do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy looking for rare remixes or good cover songs. Sometimes the best music isn’t available on popular music platforms. I also really love building tech for good projects. My current project is building out a platform for my project, QueerTrans.Events.

How are you practicing self-care during this difficult time?

I am practicing self-care by going out on walks, making sure I’m drinking water, and turning on airplane mode. We are all a bit too connected right now due to the pandemic and I think it’s best if we let our minds rest from notification mayhem.

How are you adjusting to remote life and what are your tips to stay motivated?

Remote life can be really tough but also really liberating. I stay motivated by thinking about my end goals and I try my best to keep myself inspired on a daily basis.

As a Point Community College Scholarship Recipient, what is your message to other LGBTQ+ students?

My message to other LGBTQ+ students is this, don’t give up on your dreams! You are valid and beautiful and so are your dreams! Your dreams are worth pursuing so please don’t give up.

This post’s responses were submitted by Point Community College Scholarship Recipient Ash López (She/Her/Hers).

López is currently pursuing a degree in Biological Sciences at Santa Monica College. Read more about Ash here.

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