July 21-24 | The Mayflower Hotel | 1127 Connecticut Ave, Washington, DC 20036



Scholar Attendance

Leadership Programs (National Leadership Conference (NLC), Regional Leadership Forums (RLF), and Leadership Education & Affinities Development (LEAD) Consortiums) are a vital component of each Point Foundation scholarship award. Attendance at the specific conferences that scholars are registered for is required. All absences must be excused via written request to the Leadership Conference Manager prior to the registration deadline of any conference. In turn, all scholars who register to attend a program are expected to follow through and be present for the entire duration of the program. Failure to notify Point of a cancellation at least two weeks prior to a program will result in a penalty to your scholarship award. If an unforeseen circumstance leaves you unable to attend, you must e-mail the Leadership Conference Manager immediately and include an explanation for the cancellation. All cancellations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Scholar Expenses

Scholars who are traveling will receive a per diem to cover the cost of meals on travel days. The stipend is $10 for breakfast, $15 for lunch, and $20 for dinner. This cash belongs to the scholar, and does not require receipt tracking. Other expenses which can be reimbursed include checked baggage and transportation from the scholar’s home to the airport, bus or train station, as applicable. These expenses will require submission of receipts, and will be refunded by check after the NLC. Send receipts directly to by August 2, 2016.


Guest Guidelines 

Guests are not permitted to attend unless approved in advance by Point.


Dress Code

The dress code is business-casual, with the exception of the Leadership Dinner on Friday evening, which will be business professional. Keep in mind, the conference space will likely be utilizing central air conditioning and the weather outside will probably be hot and humid. Please also note, the following attire is not permitted at any time during the NLC:

•     strapless/tube tops

•     tank tops

•     bare midriffs

•     exposure of undergarments

•     shorts

•     clothing with profane or offensive language or graphics

•     torn clothing

•     clothing with holes


Gender-Neutral Restrooms

A gender-neutral restroom will be designated near the meeting space for each session of our program. If you need help locating a restroom, please do not hesitate to contact Point staff.


Cell Phone Usage

While we do encourage you to take as many pictures as you wish and share them on social media throughout the weekend, please refrain from actually posting the photos or conducting any other business on your cell phone during any presentations. Give the speakers your full attention.



Our NLC App is now available for download in both the iTunes and Google Play stores. It will have important updates for you throughout the conference and be a great way to interact with other attendees, so please download it in advance of the event and get to know it. If you do not have a smartphone or tablet, you can also access the app via any web browser at

Download Instructions:

1. Download the app by searching stores for Point Foundation National Leadership Conference (iOS) and Point Foundation NLC (Google Play) or entering the following URL into your mobile browser:

2. Open the app and tap on Point Foundation National Leadership Conference 2016

3. Tap on the three lines in the top left-hand corner and click Login for more features!

4. Enter your First and Last Name

5. Enter your Email Address

Note: Should be the email you have access to on your device

6. Access your email on your device and click “Verify Account”

7. Tap “Open App” and select “Finish” to be fully logged into the app!

Note: You will be sent a confirmation email including all of your login credentials should you like to login on a different device


Ground Transportation

In regards to ground transportation, we recommend that you take uber or lyft rides and/or public transportation to and from the airport. You are welcome to take taxi cabs if uber and lyft are unavailable. Please see the “Scholar Expenses” section regarding reimbursement of these expenses.


Hotel Info:

  • Hotel Location: The Mayflower Hotel | 1127 Connecticut Ave, Washington, DC 20036
  • Hotel Check-in begins at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 21, 2016.
  • Conference Check-in is from 5:00pm – 6:00pm
  • Check-out by 12:00pm on Sunday, July 24
  • Departures should be scheduled no earlier than 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, July 24, 2016 (NLC concludes at 9:30 a.m.).
  • If you are a current Point Scholar or a 2015/2016 graduate, your room, tax and travel will be sponsored by Point and billed to Point, but you will be responsible for all incidentals (room service, phone calls on the land line, etc.)
  • Scholars: Credit card is required at check-in for incidentals; a hold of $100 will be placed. If you do not have a credit card, please notify the Leadership Conference Manager at lee@



  • Sleeping Room Wi-Fi: You will receive instructions for this upon arrival. Wi-Fi is complimentary in your rooms.
  • Meeting Room Wi-Fi: CONFERENCE
    • Password: POINT2016


Photo/Video Advisory

Please be advised that photographs and/or video will be taken at the event for possible use on the Point Foundation website, marketing materials, and/or made available to the media. By entering this program, you consent to Point Foundation and its contracted agents using your image and likeness. Individuals may opt out of having their photos taken/being filmed by contacting a Point staff member at the event.


Social Media

Please use #PointNLC in your social media posts, and tag @pointfoundation | #PointNLC



Contact Leadership Conference Manager Lee Jameson at




At each Point function, we are committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive, and safe community built on a foundation of mutual respect.


As outlined in Point’s Contract of Excellence for scholars, as well as our Code of Conduct for staff, board and mentors, we have a zero tolerance policy for harassment, discriminatory or inflammatory language, unwanted advances of any kind, or conduct that is unbecoming in a professional setting. Throughout the entire weekend, we expect all participants to support this commitment.


The diverse nature of our group’s age, gender, race, geographic origin, education, disability, class, professional experience, culture, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs can potentially foster a rich and dynamic learning opportunity. In that spirit, we ask that participants follow these guidelines to ensure that the program is a safe and open space for everyone.


Embrace Inclusiveness

We are committed to overcoming overt and latent discrimination based on racial, ethnic, and/or cultural background. Racist and discriminatory comments or attitudes will not be tolerated under any circumstance. If you have any concerns about the etiquette or behavior of any participant, please notify a Point staff member.


Avoid Assumptions

Each of us is a complex individual, from how we pursue our passions and interests, to how we view our sexuality and gender identity. Do not assume a person’s preferred gender pronoun based on your own perception of their gender expression. Be understanding as people process their gender identities and sexual orientations at their own pace. A person’s pronouns and name may change a number of times. Please respect anyone’s choice of preferred gender pronouns or any other self-identification. Preferred gender pronouns are printed clearly on each person’s

name tag.


Use Non-Sexist/Gender-Neutral

Language & Etiquette

A person’s external appearance might not match their internal gender identity. There is not a certain way to look or act for any given identity—a person’s external appearance might not match their internal gender identity.


Please make a conscious effort to use non-sexist and gender-neutral language during the program. Avoid all derogatory, misogynistic, and emasculating terms and phrases. Try using gender-neutral phrases like “the person in the red shirt,” instead of “that woman” or “that man.”


Respect Boundaries

Before asking someone a question related to their gender identity or sexual orientation, ask yourself if the answer is necessary, given the work that you are doing with them. This practice may help you reflect on the appropriateness of your curiosity and prevent you from crossing people’s boundaries.


What If Someone Violates This Commitment?

If you experience or observe a violation of this commitment, we encourage you to speak first with the person who is behaving inappropriately. If that is not possible, we urge you to contact any Point staff member. We will follow up and determine the corrective action necessary to restore the safety and mutual respect that we are committed to fostering.