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Nia Clark

Graduate Student As a transgender youth of color who spent most of her childhood in foster care, Nia Clark consistently struggled to find acceptance and support from the adults around her. Nia has spent nearly fifteen years changing the system from within as a child welfare consultant, direct care counselor, trainer, and LGBTQ+ youth advocate. […]

Joshua Aiken

Graduate Student Joshua Aiken is a black queer poet who considers St. Louis, Missouri home. Joshua grew up in six different states, in overwhelmingly white, conservative, evangelical Christian communities, and hypermasculine spaces, as the son of a college football coach. His early experiences of anti-blackness and homophobia have shaped his approach to social justice and […]

Elle Smith

Student activist Elle Smith (they/them) is a black, queer, non-binary student who is dedicating their life to using their voice to generate positive social change. They entered high school searching for a community of people like them: people who were passionate about learning, growing, and making the world a better place. This quest led them […]

Abigail Reed

Originally from Ohio, Abigail Reed is a student from Estero, Florida, and will attend the University of South Florida in Fall 2020. Her passion for environmental science and leadership shares a parallel path with her LGBTQ+ activism. She has conducted multiple water quality projects including a 5-year study of nutrient levels at seven beaches stretching […]

Darid Prom

Darid Prom is a first-year student at Swarthmore College. They are a proud first-generation Cambodian queer immigrant. Darid is a powerfully impactful public speaker and an accomplished and passionate LGBTQ+ advocate. Throughout the years, they have worked as a national student leader on the GLSEN’s National Student Council, as well as a youth organizer with […]

Tyler McDougald

Tyler was born and raised in Greenville, SC. It was not until he began studying English and History at Clemson University that he found a supportive, queer community to belong to. Tyler quickly engaged with his community, hosting an event which supplied holiday food for LGBTQ+ students who would not be welcomed home. Seeking to […]

Diego Antonio Quintana Licona

Coming from the border city of Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, Diego is a student with a great passion for science and community service. These interests led him to apply to his dream school, New York University, but even after being admitted to his program of choice, he was forced to deny the offer due to […]

Rick Li

Raised by Chinese-American immigrants in the Midwest, Rick constantly considers how our layered identities shape our experiences. His childhood was particularly impacted by several family members’ arduous battles with cancer, marred by ongoing gaps in how health is understood and cared for. Formed in an environment of marginalization, his academic and professional interests grew out […]

Madison Klementyn

Madison Klementyn is a gender queer woman residing in Portland Oregon after visiting every other state. As a curious geek, she has always had an indomitable thirst for technology and art. True to these passions, she managed a mid-sized 3D printer farm in an artist studio for 2.5 years, starting in 2015. In 2018 Madison […]

Alan Cruz

Alan was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Growing up, Alan has always been aware of his identities and how they’ve shaped who he is today. Living as first-generation, disabled, queer, and Indigenous (Zapotec Oaxacan, Mexico) has been important for him to recognize how he navigates the world. He currently attends the College of […]