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Vanessa Warri

Graduate Student Vanessa Warri is a Nigerian-American community-based researcher, strategist, and advocate, committed to the liberation, empowerment, and safety of Black transgender women, queer and transgender people of color, and all communities existing at the various intersections of oppression. For over 12 years Vanessa has provided empowerment-based direct services and peer education for transgender communities, […]

Kishan Patel

Graduate Student Raised inside of their family-owned Liquor Store small business, Kishan witnessed first-hand how healthcare disparities disenfranchise minority and underserved populations.  After years of navigating mental health struggles and traversing the healthcare conglomerate, he realized that the current healthcare framework marginalizes those that do not have allies within the system. Kishan became inspired to […]

Irfan Mahmud

Graduate Student Irfan Mahmud is a child of Bangladeshi-American immigrants who grew up moving around the U.S. and ended up in Saint George, Utah. He has always been very passionate about diversity and inclusion especially in less welcoming communities, which is where he has spent a lot of his formative years. His first experience in […]

Kevin Liang

Graduate Student Growing up in Boston’s public school system where at times he was the only Asian American in the classroom, Kevin was aware of his “otherness” early on. He struggled to understand his sexuality throughout his adolescence and instead focused his attention on his schoolwork. He studied economics at Harvard, where he was among […]

Mirandy Li

Graduate Student Mirandy grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, and was a survivor of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. This inspired her to go to medical school, after witnessing the health and resource disparities that resulted from the storm. She attended Emory University, where she studied biology and global health. After graduating, Mirandy returned to New […]

Timothy Keyes

Graduate Student Tim is an MD/PhD student at Stanford University and an aspiring clinical informatician, data scientist, and organizational diversity and inclusion strategist. As a scientist, Tim studies how machine learning and computational modeling can be applied to single-cell data analysis in pediatric leukemia. As an advocate, they are primarily focused on strengthening the queer […]

Marija Kamceva

Graduate Student Marija Kamceva was born in Kavadarci, Macedonia, and moved to Clifton, NJ when she was six. As a first-generation college student in an immigrant household, she struggled to navigate her seemingly contradicting identities. First getting involved with the queer community as an undergraduate at Yale, they were on the leadership board of several […]

Nia Clark

Graduate Student As a transgender youth of color who spent most of her childhood in foster care, Nia Clark consistently struggled to find acceptance and support from the adults around her. Nia has spent nearly fifteen years changing the system from within as a child welfare consultant, direct care counselor, trainer, and LGBTQ+ youth advocate. […]

Joshua Aiken

Graduate Student Joshua Aiken is a black queer poet who considers St. Louis, Missouri home. Joshua grew up in six different states, in overwhelmingly white, conservative, evangelical Christian communities, and hypermasculine spaces, as the son of a college football coach. His early experiences of anti-blackness and homophobia have shaped his approach to social justice and […]

Elle Smith

Student activist Elle Smith (they/them) is a black, queer, non-binary student who is dedicating their life to using their voice to generate positive social change. They entered high school searching for a community of people like them: people who were passionate about learning, growing, and making the world a better place. This quest led them […]