With our National Leadership Conference only one week away, we decided to share a throwback post about Point Scholar┬áValentin Sierra and his mentor Ed Callahan from January’s LEAD Health & Medicine Conference. In January, we got the chance to talk a little bit about how Point’s Mentoring Program has had an impact to both of their lives. We asked Val and Ed: “What is the most beneficial change you have identified in yourself as a result of your mentoring relationship through Point Foundation?”

Val says: Having Ed as a mentor throughout my time at UC Davis has been absolutely amazing! Ed’s support and mentoring has allowed me to re-envision and affirm how I see myself as a scholar and as a community advocate. My mentor relationship with Ed has definitely helped me become more confident in my commitment to social justice.

Ed says: The most beneficial change I have noticed from my mentoring experiences is that I consistently get an incredible amount back! Val shows me how much life has evolved and how much young, healthy LGBTQ people are able to embrace life fully, celebrating all aspects of themselves and see themselves as fully integrated and important members of a respected community. His self-esteem and self-respect are works of beauty–he brings joy to my husband and me through his ambition, intelligence, and his wonderful sense of being fully in and of the world! I feel real pride in his accomplishments, his health, and his ability to be a full member of the community


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