On Wednesday, September 19, Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden hosted an end of summer BBQ at the Vice President’s official residence in Washington, DC to recognize emerging LGBTQ leaders from around the country. Carl Streed, 2011 Point Scholar and MD candidate at Johns Hopkins University, felt “the invitation to meet Vice President Biden and Dr. Biden was empowering – reaffirming the work we have done to strengthen the LGBTQ community. The highlight of the evening was meeting fellow advocates and activists from across the nation; the ideas and collaborations we now have for the future are innumerable.”

Point Scholars Kyle Vey, Jacob Rostovsky, Erika Turner, Maggie Keenan-Bolger (Front), Izzy Pellegrine, Jeff Sheng, Ruben Ortega, Sarah Young, and Carl Streed with Vice President Joe Biden (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann)

2012 Point Scholar Noël Gordon shares his experience, “Hearing from the Vice President directly was an incredible experience. There’s nothing quite like having the Vice President tell you that your work is ‘liberating the soul of this country.’  Attending the  emerging LGBT Leaders event reminded me why I do this work,”

“If the 150 people in attendance at the event were any indication, the future of the LGBT community is in good hands.  As I’ve felt so many times at Point events, I was overwhelmed and thrilled by the tenacity, ingenuity and passion of the LGBT individuals there. Being in the backyard with Vice President Joe Biden and his dog, Champ, running around was a once in a lifetime experience and the words of wisdom imparted by him and so many of the other people working for equality in the White House were incredibly motivating, affirming and gives me hope for the future of our community,” reflects Maggie Keenen-Bolger, 2011 Point Scholar, on her time in DC.

Point Foundation is proud to have Scholars Noël Gordon, Maggie Keenan-Bolger, Ruben Ortega, Izzy Pellegrine, Jake Rostovsky, Jeff Sheng, Carl Streed, Erika Turner, Kyle Vey, and Sarah Young, along with Point Alumnus Kyle Rapiñan, in attendance. To have so many Point representatives invited is truly an honor and strong validation of the work we are doing to cultivate the LGBTQ leaders of tomorrow!

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