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Meet Our Scholars

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Aderyn Chase

Spartanburg Community College

Computer Technology


Community College

Coca-Cola Scholarship

Aderyn Chase is currently pursuing the Computer Technology and Programming/Database degree. Aderyn identifies as agender, uses they/them pronouns, and is trixic, meaning they are attracted to women and femininity. Aderyn enjoys mathematics, learning languages, and cooking. One of the defining experiences of Aderyn's life was taking a public speaking class last semester and giving a speech on the case for transgender people in sports. Aderyn came out as nonbinary online in March of 2021, started transitioning in June, and came out publicly at the college they go to, Spartanburg Community College in October of that year. Although opposition has been fierce and not everyone in their life recognizes their identity, they are determined to keep going and stay strong. Just being out and speaking up has given Aderyn confidence they didn’t know they had and they intend to use that confidence as a force for change in they community. They are currently working on starting a Gender and Sexuality Union (GSU) where they attend school because building bridges and fostering an understanding of queerness is important, especially in the south and especially in a state like South Carolina where LGBTQ people don’t have full legal protections. As Aderyn becomes established in their academic major and career, they intend to continue spreading kindness, acceptance, and joy in their community.

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