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Meet Our Scholars

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Aderyn Chase

Spartanburg Community College

Computer Technology


Community College

The Coca-Cola Foundation Scholarship

My name is Aderyn and I am in the Computer Technology, Programming/Database degree path currently. I identify as agender, use they/them pronouns, and I am trixic, meaning I am attracted to women and femininity. I enjoy mathematics, learning languages, and cooking, though none of those are things I intend on majoring in currently. One of the defining experiences of my life was taking a public speaking class last semester and giving a speech on the case for transgender people in sports. I came out as non-binary online in March of 2021, started transitioning in June, and came out publicly at the college I go to, Spartanburg Community College in October of that year. Although opposition has been fierce and not everyone in my life recognizes my identity, I am determined to keep going and stay strong. Just being out and speaking up has given me confidence I didn’t know I had and I intend to use that confidence as a force for change in my community. I am currently working on starting a Gender and Sexuality Union (GSU) where I attend school because building bridges and fostering an understanding of queerness is important, especially in the south and especially in a state like South Carolina where LGBTQ people don’t have full legal protections. As I become established in my academic major and career, I intend to continue spreading kindness, acceptance, and joy in my community.

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