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Meet Our Scholars

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Adriann Dolphin

Harvard University




Adriann was raised in Florida, spending the first half of her childhood with her mother.  After a brief period of homelessness during high school, Adriann spent the remainder of her youth with her father.  Adriann was a late bloomer with her sexuality, realizing she was a lesbian and coming out in her senior year of college at the University of Florida.  Initially pursuing a technology career, Adriann’s career started at Deloitte Consulting.  Most recently she managed marketing technology and US websites for Nestle. She was a founding member and 2021 co-lead of Nestle’s IT LGBTQ+Allies employee resource group. In that group, she organized discussions on identity, intersectionality, and the impact of LGBT targeted marketing in the consumer products industry. Her childhood experience with homelessness influenced her to support LGBTQ youth housing initiatives. Since 2014 Adriann has been an active supporter of SMYAL, an organization that provides housing and education services to Queer youth in the DC region. Adriann organized volunteer events, fundraising drives, and served on their 2020 and 2021 scholarship committees.  In 2021 Adriann will be moving to Boston with her wife Becky and their dog Phantom to attend Harvard Business School, to refocus her career on consumer marketing. She hopes to make the field of consumer products marketing more inclusive and more impactful for LGBTQ communities. In her free time, Adriann has been a member of DC’s Different Drummers LGBTQ marching band since 2018 and plans to continue supporting organizations that combat Queer youth homelessness in Boston.    

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