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Meet Our Scholars

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AJ Darjean

University of Texas at Arlington

University Studies



Success has always found AJ, even through the darkest of times. Coming from a small town, she consistently achieved excellence in every institution she was enrolled in. Striving to be high caliber was never hard for her, but her streak of luck was tested when she attended college. Despite facing homelessness, the tragic loss of a childhood friend, and surviving a worldwide pandemic, she has remained vigilant about completing her bachelor's degree. To pursue her degree, she transferred schools in the light of adversity to keep her mind laser-focused on her achievements and ensure successful semesters. During her sophomore year, she had the honor of becoming a peer academic leader, a role she was chosen for because of her grit, resilience, and warmth. As an academic leader, she helps incoming freshmen pursue personal and educational accomplishments. She became a beacon of hope and a prime example of how determination and aspiration can help you exceed your own expectations. By majoring in university studies, she’s taken the opportunity to try on many different hats and embrace the versatility her degree has afforded her. She hopes to persuade other students to choose her major so they can better explore their full potential, as she feels she’d explored hers.

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