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Meet Our Scholars

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Alán Cruz

University of Nevada Las Vegas

Criminal Justice

He/Him & They/Them


Alán was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Growing up, Alán has always been aware of his identities and how they’ve shaped who he is today. Living as first-generation, disabled, gay, and Mexican Indigenous (Zapotec Oaxacan) has been important for him to recognize how he navigates the world. He currently attends the University of Nevada Las Vegas where he is studying as a criminal justice major and will be receiving his bachelor's degree in the spring of 2022. He has a passion for uplifting marginalized communities through law, policy, and social justice. Since the age of 15, Alan has initiated lobbying efforts ranging from working with officials within the Nevada State Legislature where he has introduced his own voter rights and education bill, to lobbying Congress on various issues including LGBTQ+ issues, racial justice, immigration, and more. Most recently, Alán has worked as a youth consultant and advisor with America's Promise Alliance. Alán will attend law school upon obtaining his undergraduate degree. He is hopeful that as a practicing attorney, he can work within the Las Vegas community to create a pro-bono law non-profit organization dedicated to serving marginalized communities in Las Vegas with free and low-cost legal services. Eventually, Alán plans to run for office to serve as a state legislator and U.S. Senator for the State of Nevada. Alán will continue to advocate for his communities at home and around the country. Alán's hope is that one day, we are all one step closer in creating a world that is safe, just, and equitable for all.

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