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Meet Our Scholars

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Alberto Williams

Wilbur Wright College

General Studies


Community College

Wendell Reid Scholarship

After Alberto receives his Associates in General Studies, he will be transferring to Illinois Institution of Technology for Computer Science in Fall 2021. He will use both his skills and personality to make an impact in the programming world. He hopes to bring some LGBTQ representation to the field of Software Development.

Alberto also plans to contribute his abilities to help LGBTQ youth by using his skills as a programmer to train LGBTQ youth, so they may be able to find a love for programming. As a half black and half Hispanic male, he wants to reach out to other LGBTQ youth, whether black, Hispanic or any other ethnicity, to help give them a voice and to help show them they are worth something.

He was always taught to stand up for what he believes in, and Alberto intends to use his skills to spread the message that all LGBTQ people deserve respect and equality.

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