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Meet Our Scholars

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Alex Marie Morris

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College and Nicolet College

Liberal Arts


Community College

Wells Fargo Scholarship

Alex grew up in small conservative village of Mount Hope, Wisconsin, with two half siblings, two stepsiblings, four dogs, and a bunch of bunnies. They weren’t close with their biological father as a child but are beginning to form a bond. Their childhood was spent being a creative and very imaginative individual. Once they reached high school, she began questioning their sexuality and gender identity, but she kept this secret due to the conservative high school atmosphere. The oppressive remarks from high school members never stopped Alex from pursuing their aspirations of being involved in social justice. Now, in their third year at Southwest Wisconsin Technical College and first year at Nicolet College, Alex is enrolled in the University Transfer of Liberal Arts program. This program will allow them to earn enough credits to transfer to a UW college. She serves as Vice President of the LGBTQIA+ Charger Alliance group at Southwest Wisconsin Technical College and Student Co-Chair of the WISCORE 2022 planning group. Outside of school, Alex runs an online shop called glitterymushroom, where she sells art and handmade jewelry. Through their online shop, she provides resources for areas in need of justice including but not limited to Black Lives Matter, Mental Health Awareness, LGBTQIA+ community, TWOCC, and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. After community college, Alex plans to earn a degree in Human Services Leadership and DEI certificate, travel the world, and begin their career in social justice.

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