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Alexzander Baetsen

Montgomery College

Elementary Education


Community College

Guidehouse LLP Scholarship

A native of Montgomery County, Maryland, Alexzander Baetsen is an openly queer, non-binary student attending Montgomery College. Despite growing up in Maryland’s most diverse region, Alexzander faced many instances of queerphobia in their county’s public schools and bore witness to numerous academic barriers encountered by other marginalized communities, instilling in them a profound determination to abolish inequities within America’s education system. In Fall 2019, Alexzander was accepted into the Montgomery Scholars program, where they channeled their passion for social justice into a year-long, independent research study on the global implications of the school-to-prison pipeline. While completing their associate degree, Alexzander has served their community by assisting food distribution sites during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing individualized conversation practice to ESL students, and conducting trash data collection in their community’s wildlife areas. Alexzander is employed as a peer-mentoring curriculum developer and grant writer for the non-profit organization Family Learning Solutions Inc., advancing efforts to provide social-emotional mentoring opportunities to underserved students. They also act as the assistant creative director of the Food Grown Home project, which orchestrates initiatives to address food insecurity and promote sustainability by empowering individuals to grow their own food. Following their graduation from Montgomery College, Alexzander plans to obtain a master’s degree in elementary education and spend a few years in the teaching profession. After gaining comprehensive experience as an educator, Alexzander intends to pursue a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and secure a position where they can utilize their pedagogical philosophy to develop and influence educational policy.

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