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Alisha Davis

Whatcom Community College


Community College

Wells Fargo Scholarship

Alisha Avila Davis was born in Seattle, Washington and now lives in Bellingham, Washington with her two children, and partner. She is currently working on her transfer degree at Whatcom Community College and will transfer to a university to obtain a degree in political science and art. She is passionate about social justice, the environment, awareness, communication, and expression through art. Alisha hopes to work with recovering addicts and those trapped in the legal system with addiction and mental health issues. When she was in high school, education seemed like an impossible task that she had no desire to complete. With all of the pressures of society weighing heavily on her, Alisha spent many years trying to discover herself in private. Now, years later, she is one woman who is rarely quiet, timid, or concerned about how people will view her. Alisha went from being unsure how to speak to people at all, to giving speeches on behalf of her campus, program, and for the Gender and Sexuality Alliance. Education has been her salvation, and she has gained insight on her passions, self-awareness, goals, and how to be true to herself without the societal expectations of what a mixed race black woman “should “be. Alisha now actively finds ways to break away from the norm, get out of her comfort zone, and to be vocal for those who have yet to find their voice.

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