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Meet Our Scholars

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Aluysio De Albuquerque Silva Neto

Santa Monica College




Aluysio de Albuquerque Silva Neto, who goes by Alu, was born in Manaus, state of Amazonas, in Brazil. Before he moved to Los Angeles as an international student, he lived with his parents and sister. Alu has been a dreamer since childhood, telling everyone that someday he would go to the moon and be a Hollywood actor. While falling in love with acting, finding comfort in movies, and being enchanted by pictures, Alu grew up seeing people getting jobs as doctors, lawyers and engineers. However, he did not let his environment take away his dreamer side. He sang alone in his bedroom, took pictures of every moment, and recorded family and friends. Alu has been living in Los Angeles since February 2022 and misses his family and friends; however, he is now living his best life and is so grateful for this opportunity.

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