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Meet Our Scholars

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Amir Love

University of California, Berkeley

Social Welfare and Ethnic Studies



Amir loves having thought-provoking conversations about the complexities and nuances of life. Some topics that may arise when conversing with Amir include exploring gender and sexuality, the impact of white supremacy on the lives of Black and Indigenous people and people of color, and sparking awareness and destigmatizing mental illness. He is very passionate about social justice and dreaming of new and loving futures, and doing so keeps him rooted in his purpose. He is indebted to the communities he serves and committed to changing the world on a daily basis. Love, empathy, peace, intention, and justice are some of the core values he strives to embody in his thoughts and actions. After finishing his undergrad degree in social welfare and ethnic studies, he would like to pursue both a master's and a doctorate in social work. In the future, he seeks to incorporate all of his academic interests, passions, and values by serving communities as a mental health practitioner. He wants to work with people of color and queer and trans people, and those that exist at those intersections.

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