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Meet Our Scholars

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Andreas Copes

Temple University

Communication and Journalism Studies



Andreas immigrated to the US in 2017 because they fell in love with the love of their life. Shortly after moving to Philadelphia, Andreas attended the Community College of Philadelphia and graduated with highest honors and an associate’s degree in Mass Media in the Spring of 2020. They then transferred to Temple University where they pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Journalism studies. Being an established student media personality Andreas hosted a TV show at their community college  they pitched the idea for a queer TV magazine show to Temple’s TV station. Andreas is now host and co-producer of QT - Queer Temple and their work is being recognized and used as educational material for media students. Andreas, a self-proclaimed intersectional feminist, also dedicates their work to reproductive health and volunteers with Planned Parenthood. In the future, they want to work in broadcast media, and maybe even create an independent queer, intersectional feminist media outlet. “We need to own our narrative and create empowering stories so we can empower generations to come,” they say. Andreas will graduate from Temple University in the Spring of 2022. 

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