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Meet Our Scholars

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Angela Filley

Columbia University

Computer Science



Wells Fargo Point Scholar

Angela Filley grew up in West Lafayette, Indiana and was blessed to be a part of an accepting and loving household. This allowed her to come out to her immediate family and close friends with relative ease. However, she was disappointed in how her community and school responded to her coming out, in contrast to the acceptance and support shown by her family and friends. Angela decided to implement the “ThinkB4YouSpeak” campaign at her high school and brought the issue of teacher sensitivity into the spotlight. She also was active in helping launch her school’s Gay-Straight Alliance. As a firm believer in the power of imagery, Angela created a series of visual art pieces focused on increasing awareness of the adverse effects of LGBTQ?bullying, which were posted throughout the school. Angela’s research at Purdue University introduced her to the challenge of energy security, inspiring in her a strong commitment to developing and implementing sustainable energy resources. Her research focused on assisting with a comparative analysis of cap and trade policies and she worked in the Birck Nanotechnology Center in a lab that develops regenerative solar cells. She now is working in an agricultural and biological engineering lab that deals with water quality. She also has a passion for business and politics which she has pursued through her school’s business organizations, ultimately serving as State President of the Indiana Future Business Leaders of America. Angela plans on majoring in financial engineering at Columbia University with a minor in sustainable energy entrepreneurship. She is committed to becoming active in politics and will work tirelessly to challenge the status quo of LGBTQ policies.

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