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Meet Our Scholars

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Anna McCrerey

Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health

Public Health



Committed to social justice grassroots activism, Anna devoted the bulk of her undergrad experience to fighting for gender equality and queer rights at the University of Virginia ('04). As the student liaison to the Executive Committee of the LGBT Resource Center, Anna helped renew the organization’s commitment to confidentiality and support for closeted and questioning students by launching UVA’s 2003 SAFE SPACE Campaign in coordination with the Office of Student Life, reaching all 2500 members of the faculty and administration. With an academic focus in international HIV and AIDS policy, Anna applied and won two prestigious research awards, designing and executing independent research projects in West and Southern Africa. For her work producing a documentary based on her research, UVA’s Women’s Center honored Anna as their 2003 Young Feminist Scholar and invited her to present her work in their Artists, Scholars, and Leaders Lecture Series. Upon graduation, Anna returned once again to Africa – this time in the capacity of a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer in Swaziland doing HIV education, care, and impact mitigation; her work included helping establish an orphan feeding center and informal school, an AIDS support group income-generating project, and an out-of-school youth prevention program. With the support of The Point Foundation, Anna pursued a Masters of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health ('07) where she focused on Genderqueer Youth and Transgender HIV issues. Today, Anna is a commissioned member of the U.S. Foreign Service, where her work focuses on post-conflict health reconstruction. Her previous assignments have included South Sudan, Liberia, Pakistan, Guinea, and Jordan. Juggling an overseas life, Anna makes time to return to Baltimore as often as possible – a place she calls “home.” Maintaining professional ties at Johns Hopkins, Anna regularly lectures in the “Advanced Topics of HIV” course. Arguing for a radical shift in public health paradigms for gender nonconforming populations, she challenges students to think critically about research design, methodology and intervention strategies for marginalized populations. A retired member of the Charm City Roller Girls and current Water Ballerina with Fluid Movement, Anna still believes in the transformative power of community (and costumes!).

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