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Meet Our Scholars

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Ari Davydov

New York University

Biology and Philosophy



Ari Davydov was raised in Queens, New York. He attends New York University (Class of 2024), majoring in Biology and Philosophy. For the past three years, he's conducted microbiology research at the NYU Langone School of Medicine, studying the infection mechanism of the microsporidia parasite. Ari hopes to work directly with LGBTQ+ communities in STEM, focusing on promoting the representation of queer voices in academic spaces and in medicine. At NYU, he holds leadership positions in LGBTQ+ and Jewish activist groups, focusing on the intersection of their two central identities. After college, he plans to obtain an MD/PhD in microbiology or synthetic biology, with an emphasis on translational research. He is interested in studying the biomechanics of cell motility in non-model organisms to mimic their unique biologies for antimicrobial therapies. He wants to engage directly with communities suffering with HIV/AIDS to develop both accessible and effective therapies.

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