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Meet Our Scholars

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Ava Aimable

Columbia University

Clinical Psychology



Wells Fargo Scholarship

Ava Aimable was born and raised in Queens, NY. After coming out, Ava served as a mentor to fellow LGBTQ+ students to make them feel included in a Christian school. Furthermore, Ava is a founding member of her school’s first-ever Student Diversity and Inclusion Council, in which she brings forth and resolves issues with administration. Outside of the classroom, Ava expands her passion for mental health through volunteering at summer camps devoted to those with physical/mental disabilities. She has additionally worked with a nonprofit, LuvMichael, as a social media advocate for people with autism. In her free time, Ava likes to connect to her Caribbean heritage with stilt-walking lessons as both a performer and a leader to the next generation. In the Fall of 2022, Ava will continue her studies at Columbia University to fulfill her dream of becoming a clinical psychologist to counsel LGBTQ+/POC individuals like herself.

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