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Meet Our Scholars

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Baruch Lonerider Levine

Mount Holyoke College

Critical Social Thought



Baruch Lonerider Levine came out as transgender non-binary at age 16 and has advocated for transgender rights and inclusion ever since. Baruch has helped to designate an all gender restroom option at school, raised awareness of non-binary and transgender identities within the academic community, and lead solidarity campaigns.Baruch has combined a passion for social justice with writing, poetry and critical essays as a means of presenting information about the transgender community and how to support transgender individuals in an accessible way. Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, a national alternative news source that focuses on juvenile justice reform, has featured Baruch's writing on multiple occasions, and one of Baruch's poems appears in the writing journal Two Serious Ladies. Baruch's passion for social justice extends beyond the LGBTQIAA+ community, as reflected in Baruch's many photojournalism articles about the importance of honoring different cultures and traditions in respectful ways, as well as a commitment to participate in many protests calling attention to police brutality.

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