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Meet Our Scholars

scholars - art

Bee Sanchez Salazar

Los Angeles City College

Art Therapy


Community College

Paul C. Phillips Scholarship

Bee grew up in Inglewood, California with their two parents and two siblings.  Bee was bullied as an early kid for being a “tomboy” up until they were in high school. Bee realized they were queer in 9th grade, but they were afraid to tell their friends. When they entered college, they joined the GSA and became treasurer. They were responsible for creating social media content that involved educating people on intersectionality and oppression. Bee joined the Adelante program, but soon became disappointed when they learned there was no support available for Latinx LGBTQ individuals. They met with the conservative catholic staff, and was eventually granted the opportunity to host workshops. On campus, they were chosen by teachers and clubs to facilitate workshops about transgender students on campus. Bee hopes to bring art and healing together by creating art therapy sessions at schools, mental hospitals, and nonprofit organizations.

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