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Meet Our Scholars

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Bella Martin

University of Texas at Austin

Biology and Pre-Med



Bella is a current freshman at the University of Texas at Austin pursuing the pre-medicine pathway to become a cardiovascular surgeon. Her leadership skills, tenacity, and humility represent her core values as she consistently attempts to better herself and the community around her. Presently, Bella is a certified pharmacy technician in which her responsibility is to provide effective care to patients needing medications, vaccinations, and health screenings. Her leadership and care for others do not cease within the medical field. Bella is also a member of the Future Leaders Institute and Black UT at her university, in which she represents the freshmen student body at the University at Texas. She provides a voice for the students who depend on the institutes for changes to be implemented on campus. Bella continues to uplift her surrounding community, continually breaking boundaries set to stop her progression. As a biracial, bisexual woman, Bella continues to pave the way for students from different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs and allows them to feel represented in many ways.

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