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Meet Our Scholars

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Benjamin Ancher

New York University




Benjamin grew up in a small middle-class Connecticut town with a loving mother and a distant father. Coming out as gay at 15 only strengthened his ties to most of his family and friends but pushed his father farther away. The complications of drinking, deceit, and emotional abuse forced Benjamin to break ties with his father and focus on his goals and future. He became an accomplished swimmer and student; competing in United States Sectional meets and being accepted to New York University. Upon entering college Ben became involved in NYU's First Year Queers and Allies, working as a liaison between the LGBTQ office and the student population. Now entering his sophomore year, Ben is a dean's list student and a LGBTQ Peer Educator. Looking towards the future, Ben graduated with a dual-degree in communications and gender & sexuality studies. With a focus on public relations, Benjamin hopes to keep queer issues in the national spotlight, stimulating debate and moving towards equality.

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