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Meet Our Scholars

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Bianca Nuñez

University of Texas at Austin

Aerospace Engineering



Wells Fargo Scholarship

Growing up on the border of the United States and Mexico, Bianca always found herself in a limbo between ethnicity, identity, and family. She grew up in constant self debate, but upon reaching high school, realized her identity and sanity were more important than the opinions of others and came out amongst friends. She decided she wanted to create a home for students who didn’t have the safety of their household, and co-founded the first high school GSA in Laredo, Texas with two of her closest friends. Outside of the GSA, Bianca also co-founded the Rocketry Club and the Green Club, to get students more active in STEM and environmental awareness amongst a predominantly Hispanic and low-income population. She plans to continue her work in Austin by advocating for LGBT+ representation in STEM and by reaching out to local government to improve the livelihoods of all.

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