Brian Kaplun grew up in Los Angeles, California, with his wonderful family and friends. There, although immersed in a vibrant LGBTQ neighborhood, he observed much of the stigma and inequity associated with this community, which molded his desire to become a staunch advocate for equality. Brian spearheaded the Inclusive Health Education Alliance campaign to enact LGBTQ equality in health education in California, calling for the inclusion of topics such as sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and safe sex for all in the education curriculum. After coming up with this proposal in high school, he worked with various elected officials, community members, and the California Parent Teacher Association to lobby on the issue across the state. At Stanford University, Brian is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in human biology with a concentration in public health and health policy and possible academic minors in modern languages and feminist, gender, and sexuality studies. His particular academic interest is LGBTQ health disparities, which is the focus of many of his internships, including at the Human Rights Campaign and the LGBTQ Commission of San Mateo County, and is what he hopes to focus on as a physician. Brian is also a peer counselor at the Stanford Sexual Health Peer Resource Center and a Flourish Mentor at the Stanford LGBT Community Resources Center, a volunteer health teacher at a local middle school with the HELP Project, and a member of the Health Stories Project of the LGBT Medical Education Group, which seeks to improve the education of health care providers on LGBTQ topics.

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