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Meet Our Scholars

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Bryce Celotto

Brown University




Bryce J. Celotto (he/him) is a Black, queer, transmasculine and neurodivergent person who was born, and raised, in the Carolinas. He is currently the Founder and Head of JEDI Strategy at Swarm Strategy — a comprehensive consulting business dedicated to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Racial Justice and Organizational Culture + Design. Throughout his work Bryce has developed, and utilized, an intersectional skill-set in non-profit management, organizational design, along with workshop and curriculum development to tackle challenges rooted in inequity and systemic oppression. Prior to starting Swarm, Bryce came-of-age in the non-profit industrial complex at state, local and national organizations dedicated to LGBTQ+ advocacy, civil rights, education, racial justice, and youth leadership. He is a proud graduate of Holyoke Community College, the UMass Boston Honors College and Brown University — where he earned his Masters Degree in Education in 2017 as a Point Foundation Scholar. As a member of the Point community Bryce has been a mentor, a Point national conference keynote speaker, and is particularly passionate about supporting Point's BIPOC and Community College scholars.

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