Bryce J. Celotto identifies as a queer, transmasculine person of color and is a proud North Carolinian, originally hailing from Charlotte. Bryce has embraced his nontraditional path in life, which included spending four years in the Army National Guard as an openly queer/trans-identified person, and leaving high school after his junior year to help support his family financially. Since then, Bryce has established roots in Washington, D.C. and in New England, where he spent six years working at a variety of state and national nonprofit organizations. Most recently, Bryce graduated from Brown University, where he earned his Masters of Arts in Teaching degree with a focus on Secondary Social Studies/History education. He recently relocated to Oakland, California to start his new role as a 10th Grade World History teacher in Oakland Unified School District.

Throughout his work, Bryce has played a role in organizing several national youth summits for marginalized youth populations, met with former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to discuss specific protections for transgender students in K-12 schools, and trained hundreds of teachers on culturally competent practices when working with LGBTQ students. Both professionally and academically, Bryce is committed to working on issues of racial justice, K-12 public education, and youth leadership development – examining where those various issues intersect with the needs and experiences of LGBTQ people.

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