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Meet Our Scholars

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Caitlin Guidry

The University of Texas at Austin




Caitlin Guidry identifies as a Black and queer woman. She is a pre-med student from Houston, Texas, pursuing a B.S. in psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. Her interests include biopsychology, behavioral neuroscience, psychiatry, and psychopharmacology. Caitlin is currently involved in neuroendocrinology, reward, and drug addiction research. In the future, she hopes to continue in research and become a physician. As a Black and queer woman attending one of Houston’s richest and least diverse private schools, Caitlin struggled with her identity growing up. She felt more secure in her identity as a Black woman, but her negative experiences with religion tainted my perspective on queerness. Through talking to trusted friends and therapy, she was able to unpack shame around my sexuality and move into a space where I can accept and celebrate all parts of herself. At 20, Caitlin is more sure of herself than ever. Her journey of self-discovery has motivated her to pursue a career in healthcare that can make health and self-acceptance more accessible to others.

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