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Meet Our Scholars

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Caleb Reyes Aparicio

Long Beach City College



Community College

Caleb is a first-generation college student, born and raised in beautiful Long Beach, California. From the moment he started kindergarten, he fell in love with reading & learning, so much that he would often get teased for always carrying a book. Unfortunately, toward the end of their 5th-grade year, he began their battle with depression for a few reasons, one of them not knowing how to come to terms with his sexuality. This, along with his parent’s divorce, took a toll on his academic career for almost a decade. Although he came to terms with his sexuality right before entering high school, he soon started to struggle with his gender identity, not knowing exactly what he identified as, until one day he stumbled upon the term “Genderqueer” and everything clicked. Finally being able to identify himself, Caleb returned to Long Beach City College in 2016 after a four-year gap with a renewed passion for his education and fell in love with the LGBTQ+ club on campus, Queer Space. Having been elected to a second term as President of Queer Space for fall 2017, Caleb plans to reach out to LGBTQ+ Youth in Long Beach while working on his associate degree in psychology, which is only a steppingstone to his doctorate of psychology. As a psychologist, Caleb will work with LGBTQ+ youth & their families to help them during times of confusion, doubt, and isolation.

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