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Meet Our Scholars

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Cameron Brenner

Los Angeles Pierce College

Theater Arts


Community College

Cameron Brenner is 22 years old, gay, and gender fluid. A theater arts major in costume design, Cameron is the current president of Pierce College GSA. Driven to be an advocate with and represent the rights of others, Cameron is a Safe-Zone Trainer and does workshops at his college to help other become aware of the needs of the LGBTQ community. He successfully advocated for gender neutral bathrooms to be implemented on his campus as well as represented the needs of students as a student senator. He aims to continue his education in the future by getting an MFA in Costume Design and to go on to teach others. Cameron works as a student leader to lend a voice to those that are unable or too afraid to speak. Surviving through domestic violence and bullying Cameron strives so that others will not have had to go through the journey he has, being unsafe and unable to come out.

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