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Meet Our Scholars

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Camille Chabot

University of California Berkeley

Global Studies



Victoria’s Secret & Company Scholarship

Camille was raised in Bordeaux, France by two lesbian women at a time when it was still illegal for them to access reproductive technologies in France. She was exposed very early to the financial and legal uncertainty shared by many LGBTQ families. Being among the first generation of children raised by homosexual parents in France, Camille started to see herself as a necessary witness to fight against discrimination against LGBTQ families when she was a teenager. In her college in France, Camille founded an association to fight against sexual misconduct targeting LBGTQ students. At the University of California, Berkeley where she is currently studying, she is using her experience as a bisexual student raised by LGBTQ+ parents positively to advance the reproductive and adoptive rights of LGBTQ+ couples. After college, Camille hopes to complete a master's degree in human rights in Europe and Asia and to attend law school in the US to become an international human rights lawyer and advance LGBTQ+ rights in local and international courts.

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