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Meet Our Scholars

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Capria Berry

Colorado State University




Capria Berry (they/them) identifies as a Black, nonbinary, disabled, and first-generation graduate. They are a student affairs educator and doctoral student in higher education leadership. They want to focus their research on queer disabled college students and how they navigate the college experience. As a dialogue facilitator, Capria brings those tools in when introducing students to concepts and social movements related to race, disability, gender and sexuality. They serve as chair for the Coalition for Disability within ACPA-College Student Educators International, and understand that role to be one that puts disability justice frameworks into practice on an institutional level. Capria also enjoys curriculum building, being in community (especially disabled and signing), and dreaming/creating a future without access barriers. They hope to continue educating students both in and out of the classroom while improving the conditions in which they are able to thrive. Capria earned a BA in sociology from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and a master's in higher education administration from New York University. They were selected as a 2022 fellow with the Summer Pedagogy Lab at The Center for Black, Brown, and Queer Studies.

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