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Meet Our Scholars

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Cassie Rubio

Stony Brook University

Television Writing



Cassie Rubio is a writer, educator, and organizer born and based in Los Angeles. As an undergraduate student at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Cassie mobilized thousands of youth at the statewide and national levels around healing justice and educational equity initiatives. A current co-chair of The Feminist Front, Cassie continues to center fellow LGBTQ, BIPOC, and working-class survivors in their organizing efforts. In 2018, Cassie began filmmaking to bridge their love of activism and art together. After completing film fellowships with Outfest and Justice for My Sister, Cassie joined Sunrise Movement as a national video team lead where they developed a specialized curriculum and politicized film training for BIPOC youth across the country. Starting Fall 2022, Cassie will be moving to New York City to begin their MFA in Television Writing at Stony Brook University. Cassie believes that through film, a greater connection, liberation, and dreaming are possible.

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