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Meet Our Scholars

scholars - art

Cherish Starks

Dallas College

Liberal Arts


Community College

JCPenney Scholarship

Cherish Starks is a transmasc nonbinary writer, occasional artist, and comic book enthusiast dedicated to decolonizing gender and declaring space for Black queer folx. They grew up as a strict Jehovah’s Witness, heavily involved in the faith that dictated every part of their life. Realizing that they were queer and that it would not only take them away from their faith but also their family, they tried to hide who they were for their safety and solace in writing. Eventually, they broke free from the faith despite the consequences and felt the rush of freedom and happiness that comes with being true to themselves. They’ve continued writing as a hobby, and hope to one day translate that into more queer Black trans representation in the media after pursuing a Bachelor’s in Communications. For the past seven years, they’ve serviced their community working in a public library and have recently translated that into supporting the work at a nonprofit organization. They hope to advocate and educate others on the experiences of those that sit at an intersection between race, sexuality, and gender identity.

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