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Meet Our Scholars

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Cheyenne Diehl

Montgomery County Community College

Anthropology and Hawaiian Studies


Community College

Victoria's Secret & Company Scholarship

Cheyenne is a first-generation college student from the small, conservative town of York, Pennsylvania. Growing up, she always felt out of place, and early in her teen years, she learned that her father adopted her when she was a toddler. On top of her new cultural identity to explore, she accepted her bisexuality in high school at the ire of religious friends and family members.  Initially, she aspired to join the military. She became quickly redirected after an injury prevented her from service. She stumbled upon cosmetology school and the hair industry after a few years in the workforce. About five years ago, she moved to the Philadelphia area to pursue a more accepting, LGBTQ-friendly space. She loves the more free-spirited community she has found in the City of Brotherly Love. She enjoys the social aspect of being a hairstylist but aspires to travel the world and gain knowledge and experience that she can use to help others in various ways. She aims to study anthropology and Hawaiian studies at the University of Hawai’i to help develop new avenues to help the indigenous kanaka population and pass knowledge on to future generations. Another of her lifelong goals is to start a non-profit organization for those who want to learn more about cultures, both familiar and unknown, in hopes of using global connectivity to break down ethnocentric barriers and spur important conversations about culture, xenophobia, and societal norms.

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