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Meet Our Scholars

scholars - art

Chris Silva

Los Angeles Harbor College

Mechanical Engineering



Even while figuring out who they are, Chris Silva’s love for the world around them hasn’t changed. Chris especially enjoys animals, anyone in their family could tell you how fascinated they are by animals and how as a younger child, when everybody was reading Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, they had their nose dug into numerous books about animals. Chris also enjoyed reading about topics that confused them, such as the universe, theoretical physics, the natural world, and more. They also love to create art and, as a mechanical engineer, Chris found a perfect threshold where they can combine my love of art and science. Chris can help design and create technology that would help the natural world they are very fond of. Chris thanks their mom for allowing them to grow and achieve under her guidance, even when their dad got deported and it was scary for her and Chris’ brothers, she still was able to show strength. This is why Chris hopes, through their growth, to demonstrate that it’s okay to let your walls down.

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