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Meet Our Scholars

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Christian Rodriguez

Boston University

Health Sciences



Christian Rodriguez was born in Cuba and lived there until the age of nine. He then moved to Quebec, Canada where he lived until the age of 19 when he moved to Florida. He has been involved with volunteer and service work from an early age. He was involved with Amnesty International from 2013-2019. He continues his advocacy with Catalyst Miami fighting for local social justice. He has also been part of student newspapers and most recently his college newspaper MDC The Reporter. In it, he has written about causes near to his heart such as the outdated blood donation regulations that discriminate against men who have sex with men. He believes that publishing this information is crucial as awareness brings change. After college, Christian wishes to become a physician. His desire became solidified after seeing his late mother struggle through cancer and the difference that the medical staff made. Through volunteering, Christian has been building up his bedside manner and clinical skills. Christian wishes to use his experience as a queer man to bring more diversity to the medical field and to highlight LGBTQ issues that are often ignored by the medical world.

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