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Meet Our Scholars

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Christos Anastasopoulos

Borough of Manhattan Community College

Liberal Arts


Community College

Christos “Stose” Anastasopoulos is a queer writer, musician, and visual artist from Charlottesville, Virginia. He is now located in Brooklyn, NY where he is a full-time student that also works in television production. He usually spends his free time recording or performing with his band, whose songs cover issues of sexuality, gender identity, and social injustice. He has also spent time interacting with queer communities in places around the world, such as Egypt and Kenya, which has influenced his writing and inspired him to use his voice to shed light on issues that have been pushed into the shadows. Christos is actively pursuing a career in screenwriting and hopes to tell the stories of underrepresented queer identities, expanding the portrayal of the LGBTQ community in media.

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