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Meet Our Scholars

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Claudia Astorino

The Graduate Center, City University of New York




Claudia Astorino is a scientist pursuing her Ph.D. in physical anthropology, and an intersex activist raising awareness about intersex human rights issues. Intersex people are those born with a combination of sex traits traditionally considered “male,” “female,” and/or atypical for either, in the same body. Claudia seeks to help end shame and stigma around intersex bodies and advocate for intersex peoples’ right to bodily autonomy. Claudia is the co-founder of the NYC Annual Intersex Awareness Day events on Oct. 26, first celebrated in 2010. She co-authored guides for intersex allies and new parents of intersex babies as former Associate Director (2010-2015) of the US chapter of Organization Intersex International. Claudia has spoken at various universities and institutions, interviewed with HuffPost QueerVoices and PBS Digital Studio’s “First Person,” and written extensively on intersex issues for her blog (Full Frontal Activism), LGBTQIA sites (Autostraddle, Everyone Is Gay), and mainstream media (The Guardian, RH Reality Check). Claudia’s scholarly work focuses on biological variation in the human skeleton and its relevance in interpreting human evolution. She plans to research and teach as a university professor, continue her intersex activist work, and advocate for diversity in STEM by serving a committee member of gAyAPA – the organization for LGBTQQIAA physical anthropologists in the U.S.

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